Inspiring Youth Work for a Better Tomorrow

The “IEY” project aims at decreasing youth unemployment and increasing interest in social entrepreneurship among young people by promoting
youth work and helping to inspire further development in the field of youth work.

Project partners:

What you can find here

If you are a teacher or youth worker who needs new ideas, resources, friends with ideas and passions just like yours, than you are on the right place!

What is this about? What we are talking about?

Improve your knowledge

We want to integrate new practices by using ICT based methodologies which improve your skill and knowledge as a youth worker.

Become a professional

We want to help you to improve the competencies that are linked to professional profiles like teaching, training, youth work.

Be part of creativity

We want to create more attractive non-formal training and coaching programs that can be utilized freely and easily by youth workers.

Need Advice?

If you are a teacher or youth worker who needs an advice or you have really cool idea and want to share it with us just contact us.

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E-Books, guides and resources

Ooo, we see.. So you are the curious one. This is amazing! We love people like you! Here you will find different resources which will be helpful in you work with young people and the best part is – you can use them freely.

“ Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn

Benjamin Franklin

Who are We?

We are very devoted team from four different countries and we’ve made this project in order to help teachers, mentors, youth workers and other professionals whose work is to train, teach or help young people via education or educational activities.

Each one of us is a teacher, youth worker or a person who knows what is missing in this field and we really want to make a difference and positive change. This is the reason we gather together and started this amazing project because of the all young people out there and because of you!